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Family Law Case Summaries

Father's Rights

Father saves $150,000 in child support. The court in Clinton County upheld a provision in a Marital Settlement Agreement granting Father a $150,000 credit towards his child support obligation. Mother appealed the decision to the Superior Court claiming the credit was not valid and Father should pay thousands of dollars in support each month. The Superior Court found in Father's favor and permanently dismissed the Petition for Child Support.

Petition to Home School

Mother successfully fights Petition to Home School child. After a hearing, the Lycoming County court agreed with Mother that home schooling was inappropriate despite Father's insistence that Home Schooling would increase his bond with the child and the child's spiritual faith.


Grandparent successfully adopts grandchild. The Lycoming County court approved a Petition by the Grandmother to adopt two of her grandchildren. The court found that the Grandmother was like another mother to the children and that the adoption was in the children's best interests.

Child Custody

Mother successfully terminates Father's parental rights after hearing. Mother successful terminated the parental rights of the child's birth father after a hearing in Luzerne County. The court found that Father's lack of involvement with the child showed a settled purpose to abandon his parental duties. The child was then successfully adopted by Mother's husband.

Child Custody

Man granted joint custody of non-biological child in Centre County. Despite having no biological connection to the child, he was granted joint physical and legal custody. The court found that since he raised the child since birth and raised the child as his own, he had the right to request the same custody as a birth parent.


Lawyer negotiates $50,000 lump sum alimony payment to Wife despite claim of adultery during marriage in contentious divorce case. Wife received lump sum payment of alimony in addition to fifty percent of the marital assets after aggressive negotiations of a Marital Settlement Agreement. Husband refused to pay alimony on the grounds that Wife committed adultery. Wife filed for an alimony hearing. Shortly thereafter, Husband agreed to a lump-sum payment.

Child Custody

Mother receives primary custody of children after custody trial in Union County. Mother filed to modify a joint custody order by requesting primary custody of her two children. Father also filed asking for primary custody. After a hearing, the Judge found Father to be unstable and resentful against Mother. The Judge granted Mother primary custody and restricted Father to visiting with the children for eight hours each month.