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Police pursuit ends in death of officer in Pennsylvania

A police chase that crossed state lines into Pennsylvania earlier this month ended in tragedy when the car that was being pursued crashed into a sheriff's deputy and killed him. The suspect was arrested by the Pennsylvania State Police on suspicion of homicide by vehicle. Initial reports say that the driver appeared intoxicated.

The fatal car accident was the culmination of a two-state chase that began just over the Pennsylvania border in West Virginia. Officers saw a car that had been involved in an alleged hit and run just minutes before. They approached the vehicle after pulling it over to talk to the driver, but the man refused to get out of the car and drove off instead.

At that point, local officers called in the county sheriff's office for help. The 41-year-old deputy involved in the fatal crash attempted to intercept the suspect's car as he drove into Pennsylvania. However, the man crashed into the deputy's car less than a mile into Pennsylvania on Interstate 79. The injured officer was taken to a hospital on the West Virginia side of the border, where he died.

While the suspect has not been officially charged with drunk driving, it would appear that his actions led to the crash. While nothing can bring back the pain of losing someone in an accident such as this, the victim's family may wish to seek compensation for his loss. Additionally, the officer was killed in the line of duty, so workers' compensation might be an option the family wishes to pursue as well.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "West Virginia sheriff's deputy killed in crash," Jacob Quinn Sanders, Feb. 19, 2012

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