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Elderly Pennsylvania driver involved in tanker truck accident

As this blog has mentioned in the past, more and more elderly drivers are on the roads in Pennsylvania. With larger numbers of older drivers, there are more accidents involving the elderly. These accidents can become lethal when a large truck is involved. Truck accidents can cause very serious injuries for the parties in other vehicles and the elderly may be at increased risk of injury.

Recently, Pennsylvania experienced another larger truck accident. In this case, an elderly driver apparently caused the collision. According to witnesses, an elderly motorist failed to yield before entering U.S. Route 220. This failure to yield resulted in this vehicle crashing into the side of a large tanker truck. The tanker truck was carrying approximately 2,500 gallons of diesel fuel. The tanker truck then turned over and rolled two different times. The elderly driver was seriously injured and taken to a local hospital, while the driver of the truck was apparently unharmed.

In accidents involving large trucks, there is a very real possibility of the truck setting off a chain reaction and involving multiple vehicles. In this case, the tanker truck narrowly missed other cars that were also traveling on U.S. Route 220 at the time of the accident. Had the truck hit one of the other passing cars there could have been even more significant damage and possibly fatalities.

Along with causing serious injuries, truck accidents are also very likely to cause property damage. In this case, the damage appears to be limited to the vehicles involved in the collision. However, the tanker truck did leak some fuel, which could have caused further property and environmental damage.

Source: Morning Times, "Accident closes Route 220, sends one to hospital," Alexis Bortle, April 4, 2012

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