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Fiery truck accident leads to two fatalities, two injuries

Truck accidents are very serious. Semi-trucks outweigh cars and smaller vehicles by so much that even minor accidents can lead to serious injuries. Large trucks are also harder to maneuver and slow down, so avoiding an accident is much more difficult for them.

When a semi-truck accident happens in Pennsylvania because of negligence, including speeding or driver fatigue, the negligent party should be held responsible. Those who suffer serious injuries as a result of truck accidents, including broken bones, head trauma or even death, deserve compensation for their injuries.

One recent truck accident in Pennsylvania killed two people and seriously injured two others. According to witnesses, an SUV pulled into an intersection and hit a semi-truck hauling freight. The impact caused the gas tank on the truck to explode, killing the truck driver and his passenger. The semi-truck was then hit in the rear by a concrete truck. This impact caused the SUV to roll over several times and the concrete truck overturned.

The concrete truck tried to avoid the accident but was unable to stop in time. The driver of the SUV and the driver of the concrete truck were both seriously injured in the accident and taken to local hospitals.

A fourth car narrowly missed the accident but was damaged by some debris. Several homes were damaged from the flames and at least one had to be evacuated because of the explosion. The roadway was closed for several hours.

Truck accident investigations, like the ongoing investigation in this recent accident, can be difficult, lengthy and complicated. An experienced attorney will be able to help victims ask the right questions during the investigation and reach a positive outcome.

Source: Lebanon Daily News, "Two killed, two injured in three-vehicle crash in Bunker Hill," Les Stewart, May 11, 2012

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