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May is Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Motorcycles can be a fun and safe way to see the state of Pennsylvania. However, motorcycle accidents can be cause for great concern. Pennsylvania has designated the month of May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. During this month -- and every month of the year -- it is important to remember that motorcyclists have a right to safely use Pennsylvania roads.

A motorcycle accident can easily be a very serious incident for the driver of the motorcycle and for motorcycle passengers. During this month, state police are encouraging motorcyclists to obey the speed limit. They also encourage those on motorcycles to avoid driving aggressively.

Sometimes, no matter how safely motorcyclists drive, motorcycle accidents still happen. Distracted drivers, negligent drivers, drivers of large trucks and drivers who fail to yield to motorcycles are a great hazard to motorcyclists. These drivers are so caught up in what they are doing that these accidents happen.

When a motorcycle accident occurs it is likely to cause serious injuries to those on the motorcycle. Cars and trucks are so much heavier than motorcycles and motorcycles themselves do not offer much protection. Injuries can include scars, damage to skin, spinal cord injuries and broken bones.

Motorcycle accidents can easily be deadly. In the first week in May alone, at least two motorcycle drivers were killed riding on central Pennsylvania roadways. Sadly, more deaths are likely to occur this summer.

In 2010 alone, 202 motorcycle drivers were killed in Pennsylvania while riding. An additional 21 motorcycle passengers were also killed that year.

Pennsylvania motorcycle accident victims, or victims' families, have recourse after a motorcycle accident. Negligent drivers need to be held accountable when their actions endanger those motorcyclists trying to safely enjoy the roads.

Source: CBS 21, "Motorcycle accidents causing more deaths due to unsafe riding," Kirk Wilson, May 2, 2012

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