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Splash pad shut down after slip and fall accidents

Accidents of any kind have the potential to be very serious. Slip and fall accidents are no exception. Slip and fall accidents often happen quickly and without any warning to the victim. These types of accidents have the potential to cause serious amounts of emotional and physical damage. These injuries can include broken bones and head injuries and can come with major expenses including medical bills and potential lost wages.

Under Pennsylvania premises liability laws, property owners that have either carelessly or negligently created a dangerous property condition can be held liable for damages. Therefore, if a property owner knows or should have known about an unsafe condition, but does not fix it and an accident happens, then the property owner may be held responsible for paying for any damages from the accident. These damages can also include the long term costs of the injury, lost wages and other types of damages.

A local Pennsylvanian splash pad was recently closed shortly after it opened because it may have led to slip and fall accidents. The splash pad -- which is a part of the Hellertown pool -- opened for the first time on June 16. Construction on the splash pad began back in 2011.

After opening, it became apparent that the deck around the splash pad was too slippery and was causing children to slip and fall during normal use. Because of all the falls, the city shut down the splash pad and recoated the surface of the deck to prevent slipping. Furthermore, they placed more lifeguards near the deck to prevent injuries from improper use.

Although this is a city owned and operated pool, the city still has a responsibility, like all property owners, to keep the splash pad as safe as possible. The construction of the splash pad deck was an obvious hazard. That hazard has now hopefully been corrected.

Source: Hellertown-LowerSaucon Patch, "Splash Pad Made Safer After Opening, Official Says," Josh Popichak, June 21, 2012

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