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$55,000 fine for unsafe working conditions in Pennsylvania plant

Certain lines of work are more dangerous than others. Pennsylvanians that work with heavy machinery or in construction are open to a myriad of dangers on a daily basis. Without the proper safety training and precautions it could be very easy for one of these workers to be injured on the job. When a workplace accident occurs, those injured are entitled to workers' compensation.

Workers' compensation provides benefits to those injured at work. It covers medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering incurred because of the workplace injury. Although these benefits are available, it would be better for employees and employers if these types of accidents did not happen in the first place.

The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration's job is to try to minimize risk to employees, especially in more dangerous jobs. OSHA does this by creating and enforcing safety regulations.

One Pennsylvania business has recently been found to have been violating several of these regulations. These violations could very likely have led to a workplace injury and a workers' compensation claim. According to OSHA, the company, Danco Precision Inc., had 13 serious safety violations.

Danco produces parts for jet engines by stamping metal dies. The work can be dangerous, and machines are strong enough to do serious damage to employees-they stamp through metal, after all.

Violations that OSHA found included not having proper safety training and missing safety equipment. OSHA found that the company had many reports of small injuries including cuts, but had not had an amputation in nearly 10 years. However, these smaller injuries were indicative of the violations that were present.

As a result of these findings, OSHA has fined Danco $55,000. Hopefully, Danco will take this punishment seriously and protect its workers. Those workers that are injured at Danco, or in any other workplace, will be entitled to workers' compensation.

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer, "OSHA fines Phoenixville manufacturer over safety violations," Jane M. Von Bergen, Aug. 25, 2012

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