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Pennsylvania driver killed in tractor trailer accident

Tractor trailers are not like regular cars or small trucks when it comes to operating them. Semi trucks require a special license and training just to drive them. Since these trucks are so specialized, tractor trailer accidents can result unless drivers and trucking companies take special precautions and has a strong understanding of operation.

Recently, a 45-year-old Pennsylvania man was killed in a truck accident. He was driving north on Interstate 79. Somehow, the man's pickup truck crossed the center line of the interstate. At this point, investigators say that an oncoming tractor trailer struck his car. The man was ejected from his car and died at the scene. The accident delayed traffic on Interstate 79 for hours.

While this accident's exact cause is still under investigation, truck accidents are often likely to cause serious injury or death, in part because the size of a tractor trailer compared to that of an ordinary vehicle. Not only will a smaller vehicle probably be extensively damaged by the larger semi, the semi is not able to stop or swerve as quickly. Not being fully aware of the vehicle's size and ability to stop, an unqualified truck driver may not know how to properly prevent accidents.

As more information comes out in this case, it will become more clear who was truly at fault in the accident. In a case involving a fatality, the victim's family may choose to file a wrongful death suit if one is warranted. A wrongful death suit can help compensate the family for the financial hardship they are feeling because of the victim's death. This compensation can include payments for lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering.

Source: Upper St. Clair Patch, "Man Killed in Interstate 79 Crash Near Southpointe," Amanda Gillooly, Sept. 19, 2012

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