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Distracted driving continues despite prohibiting cell phone use

Almost everyone in Pennsylvania understands that there is some risk to driving a car and that accidents happen. However, many times, this inherent risk is multiplied by other peoples' poor decision making. Some people get behind the wheel after drinking, while others drive while completely distracted.

Distracted drivers, especially those texting and driving, may not seem like that big of a threat; however, these drivers are likely to cause a car crash. These accidents, like drunk driving accidents, can lead to serious injuries and, in some cases, even death. In fact, some estimates claim that distracted driving kills 5,000 people a year and can be just as dangerous as drunk driving.

In an effort to combat distracted driving, some states have banned using cell phones in cars, while others have banned texting while driving. A new study shows that these bans are effective in reducing car accidents -- but only in big cities. These laws appeared to not have a positive impact in more rural areas. The study looked at the effect of the law by comparing accident rates in New York -- where cell phone use is banned -- to accident rates in Pennsylvania. Over the past seven years, urban areas were compared with urban areas, while rural areas were compared to rural areas.

The study found that there was actually in increase in accidents after a cell phone ban in rural areas. Researchers believe this increase is due to poor enforcement of the ban and more difficult driving conditions in rural areas. However, this study showed there was a decrease in the number of car crashes in urban areas after a ban was passed.

Researchers say that more data is needed to fully understand the effect of laws that ban using a cell phone while driving. But what is important to note is that, in any case, these laws did not stop accidents from occurring because of distracted driving. In situations where someone is injured because of a distracted, or otherwise negligent, driver that person may be entitled to compensation. Medical expenses, lost wages and other damages may all be recoverable.

Source: Fox News, "Banning cellphones in cars only helps in cities," Nov. 19, 2012

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