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Accident kills worker in Bradford County

There are some jobs that carry a higher risk of injuries than others. One of those jobs is construction work. Even if every safety measure is taken, there is a higher risk of a construction site accident than other types of workplace accidents. When an employee is injured at a construction site, the accident victim may suffer serious injuries. These injuries could cause lifelong issues costing employees and their families thousands of dollars.

In a recent incident, a man was even killed in a workplace accident in Bradford County. This man was working to clear trees to make way for a natural gas pipeline. While cutting down one tree with a chainsaw, the man experienced a kickback and was knocked to the ground. Rescue workers from the Troy Fire Rescue, Towanda Fire Rescue and the Pennsylvania State police all responded to the accident. According to medical professionals, he died because of the blunt force trauma to his head. Authorities are continuing an investigation into the accident and will run toxicology tests.

In cases where a construction accident causes injuries to a worker, that worker is entitled to compensation. Generally, this compensation will be obtained through a workers' compensation claim. Under workers' compensation, accident victims can receive compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and rehabilitation costs no matter who caused the accident.

If workers die from their injuries, like the man in this case, their families may also have a wrongful death claim. Wrongful death claims can help compensate families when a death was caused because of the negligence of another. This compensation can cover funeral expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Source: Star Gazette, "Bradford County pipeline worker dies in logging accident," Dec. 12, 2012

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