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Danville area truck accident injures several people

With the warmer temperatures of spring, people may think that the roadways become less dangerous; however, this is often not the case. Car and truck accidents can happen all year round and can cause major property damage and serious injuries. Tractor trailer accidents, in particular, have the potential to be very dangerous.

In a recent accident outside of Danville, a semi-truck is being blamed for injuring five people. According to reports, the tractor trailer was traveling east behind a Mustang while a rain-snow mix was falling. The Mustang apparently slowed and the large truck smashed into the back of the car. The force of this initial collision caused the Mustang to veer into the westbound lanes and hit a Prius. The Prius was then hit by a pickup truck that had been on the road.

In the accident, the drivers of both the cars were trapped in the wreckage. It took 40 minutes for 12 rescue personnel to free them before the individuals were sent to a hospital in Danville. Thankfully, no one died in the accident. While the smaller cars sustained grave damage in the accident, the tractor trailer only suffered minor damage to its bumper.

As is often the case with truck accidents, the smaller cars and the people in them sustained the most injuries in this accident. Those injured in truck accidents, like the people in this case, often spend large amounts of time and money recovering from the accident and it can be difficult for them to return to normal life.

When a negligent truck driver causes an accident, that person must be held responsible. Truck drivers are negligent in many situations. For example, if a truck driver is driving too close or too fast during poor weather conditions, that driver is likely negligent. Other signs of negligent drivers include not following traffic laws, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol and disobeying trucking regulations.

Source: Firehouse, "Four-Vehicle Pa. Crash Had Responders Scrambling," Justin Strawser, March 26, 2013

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