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Drunk truck driver causes Pennsylvania truck accident

Truck accidents can be caused by any number of factors. Truck driver fatigue, an inattentive truck driver or negligent truck maintenance can all be contributing factors in a tractor trailer accident. In each of these situations, the truck driver, or the truck company, has acted negligently. Negligent truck drivers can be held both criminally and civilly liable for the damages they cause in a truck accident.

In a recent Pennsylvania case, a truck driver is facing criminal charges after causing an accident. According to police, the man was driving his fully-loaded tractor trailer near the intersection of Route 20 and Route 63. The truck driver attempted to make a right-hand turn but hit another car instead. While the condition of those in the other car is unknown, police were called to the scene to investigate.

Police found that the driver of the truck had been drinking and driving. At the time of the accident, the truck driver's blood alcohol content level was over the legal limit of .08 percent. He was subsequently charged with DWI.

The driver and any passengers in the car the truck driver hit may want to explore their legal options following this accident. Despite the fact that the man has been criminally charged, he can still be held financially responsible to those injured in the accident he caused by negligently driving the truck.

In truck accidents, it is important to not only investigate whether the truck driver was negligent, but also if the truck company -- or truck owner -- was negligent. In some cases, the truck company may have also acted negligently by hiring the truck driver, failing to maintain the truck or negligently repairing the truck. If the truck company's negligence also contributed to the accident then it can also be held financially responsible.

Source: The Batavian, "Law and Order: Truck driver involved in accident accused of DWI," Howard Owens, May 20, 2013

Commonwealth v. Candice Steinbacher – Motion for Judgement Acquittal Granted

Motion for Judgment of Acquittal for a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) prosecution was granted by Lycoming County President Judge Nancy L. Butts, after Attorney Kyle Rude argues that the Commonwealth could not prove Ms. Steinbacher was in actual physical control of a motor vehicle. Ms. Steinbacher was arrested after Williamsport City Police believed she switched seats with her boyfriend in order to avoid an arrest for DUI.

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