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46 involved in Pennsylvania semi truck accident with school bus

Truck accidents can quickly derail the lives of those involved in a crash. Minor fender-benders happen on a daily basis in Pennsylvania, but serious crashes can cause severe injuries or death. The likelihood for serious injuries increases in truck accidents, due to the sheer size and weight of tractor trailers.

One such recent accident resulted in numerous injuries. The truck accident happened between a school bus full of students from a Hazleton YMCA and a tractor trailer. The bus was traveling to Pottsville when the accident occurred on southbound Interstate 81 around 10:30 a.m. A YMCA camp counselor was injured in the crash and was taken by life flight to a local area hospital. All of the children on the school bus were treated for bumps, bruises and non-life threatening injuries at Hazleton General Hospital. The driver of the semi truck was also taken to the hospital. In total, 46 children and adults were involved in the crash.

The collision shows the number of people that can be impacted just from a single accident with an 18-wheeler. An average fully-loaded semi truck can weigh over 80,000 pounds. Compare this to the typical passenger car that weighs around 3,000 pounds and the potential for serious injuries with a semi truck is put into perspective.

Victims of 18-wheeler accidents are often able to file successful lawsuits against those responsible for a crash. The responsible parties can include the truck driver or the trucking company. In order to be successful, one must prove that the responsible party failed to take a reasonable degree of care to avoid the accident and resulting injuries. Damages for things such as medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering are awarded in many cases.

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Commonwealth v. Candice Steinbacher – Motion for Judgement Acquittal Granted

Motion for Judgment of Acquittal for a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) prosecution was granted by Lycoming County President Judge Nancy L. Butts, after Attorney Kyle Rude argues that the Commonwealth could not prove Ms. Steinbacher was in actual physical control of a motor vehicle. Ms. Steinbacher was arrested after Williamsport City Police believed she switched seats with her boyfriend in order to avoid an arrest for DUI.

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