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Truck rear ends cars in Lycoming County, injuring three

While any motor vehicle accident has the potential to cause serious injuries, truck accidents can be more dangerous. Trucks are huge vehicles that are slow to stop, yet easy to lose control over. Without the right training and concentration, truck drivers are essentially driving deadly machines.

Even in situations where a truck rear ends another vehicle at a low speed, serious damage can be caused. In a recent accident in Lycoming County three people were sent to the hospital after a truck rear ended a car. In this case, two cars were stopped in a construction zone one afternoon on Route 118. As they were stopped, a 2007 Peterbilt truck came up behind them and failed to stop. Instead, the truck hit the back of the second car.

As a result of this collision, the second car hit the back of the first car. Both cars spun around and flew off of Route 118. One of the cars eventually came to stop after hitting a telephone pole. Following the accident, three people were taken to local hospitals - reports say that at least one had major injuries.

In many rear end car and truck accidents, victims - like those in this case - can be seriously hurt. Many experience whiplash - also known as hyperextension injury - as a result of the accident. Whiplash can cause dizziness, back pain, neck pain, headaches and even memory problems hours or days after an accident. These symptoms usually fade within a few weeks but it is possible to develop chronic pain from these injuries.

Thankfully, truck accident victims do not need to pay for the expenses relating to an injury caused in the collision. By filing a personal injury suit, truck accident victims can be compensated for their injuries. However, these cases do require proof of negligence for the victim to be successful.

Source:, "Route 118 Accident in Jordan Township Sends Three to Hospital," Aug. 27, 2013

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