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Four motorcyclists killed in Pennsylvania accident

As the warm weather fades and the leaves change, many motorcyclists in Pennsylvania are trying to enjoy the last few weeks of riding weather. Soon, the temperatures will drop and the snow will start to fall making it too cold for most motorcyclists. However, motorcycle riding any time of the year can be dangerous for Pennsylvania motorcyclists. Motorcycle accidents are common especially when other drivers are not paying close attention to the road.

Recently, five people were killed in a motorcycle accident. In this situation, four people were riding on two motorcycles in the same direction. However, for unknown reasons, both motorcycles hit an SUV head-on. The head-on collision resulted in the death of all four motorcyclists and the death of one person in the SUV. At this time, it is not known why the accident occurred, or who was at fault.

Authorities say this was the single worst accident that has occurred in that township. Grief counselors were sent to the scene to help rescue workers and other witnesses. Police were still trying to notify the family of all the accident victims.

These families are likely going to be left with many questions about this fatal motorcycle crash. Their grief is likely to be immense. While an investigation can help to answer these questions, it can also provide an important legal purpose -- determining fault. It will be important to determine if one of the drivers was negligent in causing the accident. This is because negligent drivers are financially responsible for any accident they cause.

If the negligent driver was killed in the accident, the other accident victims' families still have legal recourse. They may bring a wrongful death action against the person's estate in order to help receive compensation for financial losses caused by the accident including funeral costs, medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages.

Source: Fox News, "5 killed in Pennsylvania motorcycles, SUV crash," Oct. 20, 2013

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