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Truck accident involves nine cars on Pennsylvania highway

Winter weather is quickly descending upon Pennsylvania. With the cooler temperatures comes snow and slippery roadways. If drivers do not pay attention to the changing road conditions and dangerous weather, accidents can happen easily.

Police say that snowy weather and speed both contributed to a recent truck accident in Pennsylvania. In this case nine cars and trucks were involved in the fatal accident. According to reports, the multi-vehicle pileup started when a truck was going too fast for conditions. The truck driver lost control over the truck and jackknifed. As a result, the truck blocked both of the northbound lanes of I-81. A second truck was able to avoid hitting the first, but several smaller vehicles -- including a minivan -- hit the second truck as it quickly stopped. In total four separate accidents occurred in the incident.

One passenger in the minivan -- a 77-year-old woman -- was killed as a result of the collision. A 79-year-old man who had also been riding in the minivan was critically injured in the accident. Other injuries in other smaller vehicles were also reported and people were taken to local hospitals.

Most people know that tractor trailers are large and dangerous machines when they are not used correctly. Truck drivers that choose to disobey traffic laws put themselves and other drivers at risk. As can been seen in this case, with one mistake, truck accidents can have deadly results. In order to prevent as many accidents as possible, the federal government has heavily regulated the trucking industry. These regulations are meant to control truck drivers and keep risky behavior to a minimum.

However, negligent truck drivers still roam the roadways in Pennsylvania. These drivers do not follow traffic rules, break trucking regulations, text and drive and participate in other unsafe activities. When a negligent driver causes a truck accident, that driver can be held financially responsible for the accident. Therefore, it's important for any truck accident victim to determine if negligence played a role in causing the accident.

Source: WHAG, "UPDATE: Police Say Speed, Weather Were Factors in Fatal I-81 N Accident," Carmen Chau and Rose Lee, Nov. 24, 2013

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