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Two Pennsylvania workers injured in explosion

Workers in Pennsylvania are likely to suffer a workplace accident. Even with the proper precautions in place, people are only human and mistakes happen. In some cases, these accidents are minor. In others, these accidents can cause lifelong illnesses and injuries.

Recently, two Pennsylvania workers were pouring nitric acid into a five gallon pail when the acid suddenly exploded. At the time of the accident, the workers were not wearing any protective gear other than gloves. One of the workers was taken to an emergency sink by co-workers following the accident. The other was found outside by firefighters and was decontaminated there.

Both workers were taken to a local hospital following the blast. They suffered serious injuries including burns to their upper bodies and burns to their airways. Other workers were only let back into the plant after an hour and with protective gear to protect them from any lingering effects of the dangerous chemical.

Thankfully for the workers, both are expected to survive. However, both will likely need support from the workers' compensation system following this unexpected workplace accident. Most employers in Pennsylvania are required to carry workers' compensation insurance. This insurance helps to ensure that workers will be financially taken care of following an accident at work. Workers' compensation can help cover expenses including medical costs, lost wages and other expenses following an accident.

However, these rights are not always automatic. Pennsylvania workers need to know their rights when it comes to workers' compensation and workers' compensation claims. If coverage is initially denied, workers may have the right to appeal. Workers need to fight for the compensation they need and are entitled to.

Source: The Times, "Two Falls Township, Pa. workers injured after nitric acid explosion on former U.S. Steel island," Alex Zdan, Nov. 8, 2013

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