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1 killed in massive 50 car pile-up

Winter weather has arrived in Pennsylvania, and with it Mother Nature has brought colder temperatures, wind and snow. Early winter often brings with it an adjustment period as people remember how to drive in difficult weather conditions. While the snow and ice slows down many drivers, some still refuse to adjust to the changing conditions and car crashes occur.

Recently, a car crash on the Pennsylvania Turnpike was so bad that an entire westbound section of the roadway was shut down. The accident occurred as cars were traveling westbound around 12:30 p.m. Reports say that snow had been falling, when one car slid and crashed into another. Eventually 12 cars were involved in this initial pile-up. The 35-year-old driver involved in this first accident, got out of his car following the accident, only to be hit and killed by another vehicle on the road.

This initial accident set off a series of other collisions. In total 50 cars were involved in the accident -- which witnesses report was like bumper cars. These accidents were minor.

When a driver is injured or killed in a massive pile-up -- like this one -- it can be difficult to determine who or what caused the accident. However, it is important to try to determine who the negligent party or parties were in order to know who should be financially responsible for the damage.

Therefore, following accidents, people should make sure a complete accident investigation is performed. This investigation should try to determine if one or more of the drivers was driving unreasonably or negligently. If drivers were going too fast for weather conditions, following too close, breaking other traffic laws, texting and driving, drinking and driving or participating in other dangerous activity, then those drivers can be held liable for the damage caused.

Source: The Patriot-News, "Like 'bumper cars': Fatal turnpike collision causes 50-car accident," Eric Veronikis, Dec. 9, 2013

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