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Motorcycle accident results in severe injuries and charges

While this time of year, many motorcycles are packed away for the winter, the effects from earlier motorcycle accidents are still being felt all around Pennsylvania. Recently, a criminal trial has been taking place to try and determine if a woman is guilty of felony aggravated assault after she caused a motorcycle accident.

In this case, reports claim that the woman was driving her car when she crossed the center-line and hit a motorcycle head-on. As a result of this collision the motorcyclist sustained serious injuries. He was hospitalized for 40 days as he recovered from burns, a ruptured hernia and concussion. The motorcyclist also lost part of his leg in the accident and sustained nerve damage to his hand. The man -- who now has to wear a prosthetic -- will likely deal with the injuries caused by this accident for the rest of his life.

While the criminal case will determine if the woman broke the law, it cannot help heal the physical wounds suffered by the motorcyclist -- only doctors, rehabilitation and time can help this man get back to normal, or as close to normal as he can. Motorcycle accident victims who suffer severe injuries often incur large amounts of financial stress along with the injuries. There are likely medical bills, lost wages and rehabilitation costs.

By filing a personal injury suit -- a civil action -- motorcycle accident victims may be able to receive compensation from a negligent driver. If the driver that caused the accident was negligent, then that person is financially responsible. This compensation can be extremely important as the motorcyclist tries to recover from a devastating accident.

Source: Daily News Times, "Testimony begins in trial for woman charged in crash involving public defender," Cindy Scharr, Dec. 12, 2013

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