Schemery Zicolello

Police Pursuit ends with tragic death in Williamsport

The current administration of the Williamsport Police Department just doesn't get it. James Robinson is tragically and horrifically killed as a result of a police pursuit conducted by the department and they are completely dim to the prospect that they bear some responsibility.

Is it just me or do they seem intent on blaming others including the man they were pursuing for reasons not yet disclosed; the court system for allowing the driver they were pursuing to be out on bail; and even Mr. Robinson. After the incident, they refused to immediately identify the office involved. Why? If any of us had an accident, our identity would be disclosed immediately by the Police Department. They also failed to disclose the reason for the pursuit. It certainly seems like the police administration is willing to consider any factor, no matter how remote, so long as it does not involve looking in the mirror and questioning how its own training and policies may have contributed to the accident which cost James Robinson his life. Clearly, the Police Administration believes they are entitled to operate under a different set of rules than the ones they apply to the rest of us.

Mike Zicolello

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Commonwealth v. Candice Steinbacher – Motion for Judgement Acquittal Granted

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