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Property owners have a duty in icy and snowy weather

This winter has been hard on many Pennsylvania residents. The snow, ice and wind makes going outside very dangerous at times. Despite the difficult conditions, life has to go on. People still need to leave their homes to go to work and school. Businesses still need to open in order to make money. Therefore, people have to brave the cold weather and carry on with life. If the conditions are right, however, these outings can end in disaster, especially if an icy sidewalk causes a slip-and-fall accident.

There are many months cold weather left where people can get hurt. Therefore, people need to know how premises liability laws can help them in case a dangerous slip-and-fall accident does occur -- especially since these accidents often result in serious injuries including broken bones.

People should know that property owners are legally responsible for injuries that occur as a result of their negligence. This means that if property owners fail to remove snow and ice in a timely manner, and someone gets hurt, they could be held financially responsible for the damages. For businesses, their duty includes immediately removing snow and ice so that people have a clear access to their store. Businesses also must be careful to clear wet floors inside their business in order to avoid falls.

Homeowners have a slightly different duty. They only need to worry about protecting those they have invited on to their property or those people they know are coming to their home. For example, a homeowner would have a duty to protect a delivery person from slippery conditions.

Finally, property owners are responsible for damage when they make a situation more dangerous by attempting to fix the situation. If a property owner shovels snow, for example, but exposes ice under the snow without laying salt or sand, the owner can be held responsible for injuries.

Source: KSDK, "Who is responsible if you slip and fall on the ice or snow?," Stephanie Zoller, Jan. 20, 2014

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