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Man killed near Danville in motorcycle accident

Signs of spring are starting to move into Pennsylvania. With the warmer weather comes an increase in motorcycle traffic. Drivers need to watch for these small vehicles to avoid causing serious motorcycle accidents with devastating consequences.

Recently, a well-known auctioneer was killed while riding his brand new motorcycle near Danville, Pennsylvania. The man was known for his love of motorcycles as well as his cautious driving prior to the accident.

According to reports, the man has just purchased a new motorcycle and was less than one mile from the dealership in Danville when the accident occurred. Apparently, an SUV pulled out in front of the motorcycle and the man was unable to stop. He hit the SUV and was killed. The driver of the SUV was hurt and sent to a local hospital.

Motorcycle accidents often result in similar tragic outcomes. Motorcycles offer very little protection from injuries for riders. Even with a helmet and other protective gear, motorcycles are often no match for a larger car, SUV or truck.

Drivers of these larger vehicles have a duty to watch for motorcycles and to respect a motorcycle's right of way. A failure to yield can set off a chain reaction leading to an accident. In these cases, the driver was often acting negligent by failing to abide by traffic rules. When a driver is negligent, that driver can be held financially responsible for the accident through a personal injury or wrongful death suit. This suit can provide injured motorcyclists and their families with much need compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and more following a motorcycle accident.

Source: WNEP, "Well-Known Auctioneer Killed Riding New Motorcycle," Nikki Krize, March 12, 2014

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