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Dump truck causes accidents -- driver sentenced to prison

Large trucks have a destructive power almost unlike any other vehicle allowed on Pennsylvania roadways. In fact, some of these trucks are made specifically to aid in the demolition of buildings and roadways and for other construction projects. Passenger vehicles are no match for these large and powerful machines. Therefore, people in smaller vehicles are at a greater risk whenever they are involved in an accident with a large construction vehicle or commercial truck.

In cases of truck accidents, the truck driver's behavior is often influential in causing the accident. When truck driver do not exercise care, the large trucks they operate will often cause damage. To avoid accidents, truck drivers need to be properly trained, have enough rest and be free from distractions. However, this is not always the case.

In one Pennsylvania case, a dump truck caused a series of accidents. According to reports, the truck hit two cars after leaving a residence. Eventually, the driver also drove through a hotel lobby. Following the incidents, the truck driver tried to escape on foot. However, he was eventually apprehended by police officers and faced criminal charges. He was recently sentenced to serve between six and 12 months in prison as a result of the accidents. In addition to the prison time, the truck driver also needs to perform 150 hours of community service and write apology letters.

While apology letters and criminal punishments do provide some justice, they cannot compensate those who have been injured in truck accidents. Because of the power behind a truck, injuries in truck accidents tend to be severe. These serious injuries may cost truck accident victims thousands of dollars in medical care, rehabilitation costs and lost wages. A personal injury lawsuit can often help victims of negligent truck drivers recover these costs and more.

Source: WHTM, "W. Pa. man sentenced for dump truck accidents," March 28, 2014

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