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Pennsylvania high school demonstrates dangers of drunk drivers

Drunk driving accidents are a reality on Williamsport, Pennsylvania roads. There are drivers who do not take the safety of themselves or others into account and get behind the wheel. In these situations everyone -- the drunk driver, the driver's passengers and others on the roadways -- are in extreme danger. A car accident caused by a drunk driver can easily lead to serious injuries with life-long consequences for its victims.

These consequences may not seem like a reality to young drivers who may feel like these kinds of injuries would never happen to them. In order to make the realty of the dangers of drunk driving sink in, a demonstration was recently held a Pennsylvania high school. In this demonstration, a drunk driving accident was staged.

In the accident, two people were killed and four others were injured as they headed back from prom. The mock-accident was created to be as real as possible for the audience members in grades 11 and 12. Local rescue workers were on scene and reacted just as if the accident were real. The event's organizers hoped that the demonstration showed high school students how dangerous it is to drink and drive and how dangerous it is to get in to a car with someone who has been drinking.

While the victims of this accident were not really injured, some residents in the area have not been so lucky. Those injured by a drunk driver, even an underage drunk driver, need to know their legal rights. The expenses caused by the accident are likely to be significant and a personal injury suit is often necessary to ensure that victims are not financially ruined by the car accident.

Source: The Daily Review, "A grim reality NEB High School demonstrates the dangers of drunk driving," Tim Zyla, April 12, 2014

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