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Pennsylvania worker injured in chainsaw accident

A Pennsylvania worker is lucky to be alive following a serious accident with a chainsaw. According to reports, a freak accident occurred while the man was in a tree while working for a tree service business. Apparently, the chainsaw the man was using somehow kicked back and got lodged in the man's neck and shoulder. Following the accident, the injured worker was able to grab the saw, turn it off and hold it to him while a co-worker got him down from the tree.

Rescue workers were able to remove the saw from the handle, but kept the blade in the conscious man's neck as he was transported to a local hospital. At the hospital, surgeons were able to remove the blade and chain from the man. While doctors feared the worse, further testing showed that the chainsaw had missed hitting major arteries in the man's neck. Instead, the blade only cut through muscle.

Following surgery and stitches, the man is alive and well. Doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

This story could have ended very differently for this tree worker. In many cases, workplace accidents result in very serious injuries, permanent disability or death. This man is lucky to have such a positive outcome.

However, no matter the outcome, Pennsylvania workplaces are still responsible for keeping its employees safe and out of harm's way. When accidents do occur, employers are often responsible for covering costs caused by the work injury. Medical expenses, rehabilitation, time away from work and other things can all cost large amounts of money. Employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance to help cover these costs. By applying for workers' compensation, injured employees can ensure that they are not stuck with the burden of recovering from an injury in the face of mounting expenses.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, "X-Ray Released Of Tree Trimmer With Chainsaw Embedded Into His Neck," Lynne Hayes-Freeland, April 1, 2014

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