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Pennsylvania worker injured by large machine

Construction equipment is dangerous when it is not correctly operated. Furthermore, regular maintenance, proper safety equipment and training are essential in ensuring that people are not hurt by large machines when working in or near them. However, all too often, large machines are at the center of a work injury in Pennsylvania.

Recently, an employee of a Pennsylvania towing company was injured in a workplace accident. Police say the employee was crushed by a construction vehicle. While the exact extent of the injuries is unknown, the man had to be flown to a local hospital for treatment but remained conscious following the injury.

Reports say that the man was working for a company doing cleanup work outside of a fence that protected an electrical substation. At the time of the accident, multiple trucks, a small loader and a backhoe were all on site. However, the exact nature of the accident is unknown.

Injuries caused by large machines and construction equipment have the potential to seriously injure or kill someone. These injuries can be life altering and cause a variety of problems including amputations, head injuries, crush injuries, broken bones and more. These injuries will take workers away from their jobs for weeks, months or years at a time.

Ultimately, it is the employer's responsibly to ensure that workplace injuries involving machinery do not occur. Employers need to make sure workers understand the danger and are given all the safety training and gear they need. Even when employers are proactive, they are still responsible for covering financial costs associated with these types of injuries. Through workers' compensation insurance, workers can receive payment for the costs caused by the accident including lost wages and medical expenses.

Source: Centre Daily Times, "Police: Man crushed by construction vehicle in Clearfield County," May 8, 2014

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