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Two Pennsylvania women killed in head-on crash

Although it is a risk anytime someone decides to travel in a vehicle, it is expected that other drivers on the road will operate their vehicles in a safe and responsible manner. When a negligent driver causes severe injuries or death to other drivers or passengers, victims and their family members may be left emotionally and financially hurt.

An ongoing investigation will determine if a negligent driver is responsible for the death of two Pennsylvania women in a recent crash. The car accident happened in the neighboring state of New Jersey, when the driver of a Ford box van crossed the centerline and struck the vehicle carrying the two Pennsylvania women, ages 50 and 52. The victims were trapped inside the vehicle following the collision, and both women were pronounced dead at the accident scene. The driver of the Ford box van and a male passenger were taken to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries.

For several hours after the accident, traffic near the accident scene was shut down. Although charges have not yet been filed, investigators are working hard to determine the exact cause of the head-on collision.

If the driver of the Ford box van is found to have been negligent during the time of the accident, family members of the victims may pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. Losing a loved is not only an emotional struggle, but it can be a financial struggle as well.

A wrongful death lawsuit may help cover expenses like funeral costs, lost potential income and pain and suffering, to name a few. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help victims and their family members obtain fair compensation after a fatal accident like this one.

Source: New Jersey On-Line LLC, "Maurice River Township accident on Route 49 leaves 2 Pa. women dead," Spencer Kent, June 20, 2014

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