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Man settles claim following truck accident

Truck accidents can cause a wave of destruction. In addition to the property damage, people can be severely injured by a large truck. Even in relatively minor accidents, a person in a car is no match for the power of a large truck -- particularly an armored vehicle.

When people suffer injuries in truck accidents, they should know that they have legal recourse. Through a personal injury suit, people can receive compensation for their injuries. In a recent Pennsylvania case, a man was awarded $850,000 in a settlement following an accident with an armored truck.

In this case, the man was driving north in his car toward an intersection while the armored truck was driving west toward the same intersection. According to reports, the truck driver had a red light as he approached the intersection. However, the truck driver drove through the red light and smashed into the man's car.

The man suffered serious injuries in the accident. These injuries included head injuries, broken bones and bulging disks in his neck and back. The accident also resulted in cognitive defects and post-concussion syndrome. The man has been left unable to work since the accident occurred over two years ago. The settlement -- between the man and the truck company -- will provide compensation for these injuries and their affects.

People who have been injured by trucks, like the man in this case, should understand their right to compensation. If a truck company or truck driver has been negligent and causes injuries then they can be held liable. In these cases, tough negotiation can be used to get people the money they need to recover from the accident. If negotiation is not successful, people may find relief from a Pennsylvania court.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, "Armored truck company agrees to $850,000 settlement on accident claim," Jim Boyle, Aug. 6, 2014

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