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The right approach after a Pennsylvania slip and fall accident

In a recent post here, we explained the duty that property owners have to invitees. As this post explained, commercial businesses have a duty to keep their property safe so that people do not get hurt. This duty includes the responsibility to look for hazards that they might not be aware of. Preventing slip and fall accidents falls under this responsibility.

Slip and fall accidents don't always happen because of a spilled liquid or an icy sidewalk. There are plenty of other situations where dangerous falls can occur on another party's property. These can include falling into a hole that is not obvious, falling because of inadequate lighting in a building or parking lot and falling down stairs with missing or unsafe railings. In any of these situations, people can be seriously hurt in the fall.

Our law firm understands the dangers of slip and fall accidents. We know that people can be left to deal with serious medical problems and emotional trauma because of the negligence of a property owner. In these cases, people may consider filing a personal injury lawsuit to help compensate them for the damages caused by the fall.

A premises liability lawsuit can be technical and require extensive evidence. Our firm has the experience necessary to make sure landlords, retailers, hotels and homeowners are held responsible when people are injured. Since 1990 our firm has helped Pennsylvania residents successfully file and win premises liability lawsuits. We have the knowledge to handle the case so that victims don't have to. This allows people to focus on their recovery and not stress about how their bills are going to be paid. For more information about how our firm can help people following a slip and fall accident, please see our website.

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