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Treatments for spinal cord injuries

While fun to ride, motorcycles can cause catastrophic injuries, especially when an accident is caused by a larger motor vehicle. Motorcycles do not give riders the same protection that larger cars give drivers. Therefore, even minor motorcycle accidents can lead to serious injuries. Common injuries can include broken bones, road rash and head injuries.

In serious accidents, Pennsylvania motorcyclists can suffer from spinal cord injuries. These injuries can be particularly devastating since they lead to lifelong medical issues. According to Mayo Clinic, there is no cure for spinal cord injuries at this time. Instead, a series of treatments can be attempted following an accident to try and lessen the impact of a spinal cord injury.

This treatment should start at the scene of the accident. In cases where a spinal cord injury is suspected, emergency personnel will work to stabilize the neck and back to prevent in further damage while transporting the person to a hospital. In the hospital, doctors will continue to keep the area completely still. This can help protect the person's airway as well as prevent further damage. Surgery may also be required.

Following this initial treatment, rehabilitation will likely be necessary. While rehabilitation cannot heal a spinal cord injury, it can help to ensure that a person retains muscle strength. It can also help people retain fine motor skills or develop adaptations to help cope with the injury and its side effects.

While new technologies are constantly being developed to help those with spinal cord injuries, no cure is currently available. Spinal cord injury victims can spend the rest of their lives trying to regain the skills that a spinal cord injury has taken. When the injury is the result of a motorcycle accident, victims should seek legal help. An attorney can explain if the person is entitled to compensation as a result of the accident.

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