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Pennsylvania dog bite victim awarded workers' compensation

Pennsylvania workplaces can be dangerous in unexpected ways. These dangers can lead to significant injuries for workers. In these cases workers may be entitled to workers' compensation. This compensation will help to pay for the costs associated with the accident, including lost wages and medical expenses. Even in cases where the injury is unusual, workers may still be entitled to worker's compensation benefits as long as the injury occurred in the scope of the employee's job.

In a recent Pennsylvania case, a worker was awarded compensation after he was bitten by a dog. The man, a short order cook at a restaurant, was on a smoke break when a fellow employee's dog arrived at the workplace. The man says he was petting the dog when it attacked him. As a result of the attack, the man missed six days of work. According to reports, a month after the incident he requested compensation for his injuries.

The restaurant where the man worked appealed. However, the Workers' Compensation Appeal Board agreed with the man. An appeals court also ruled the man was entitled to compensation.

The court held that since the man was in the designated smoking area provided by his employer - and was on a regular smoke break - that the incident occurred within the scope of his employment.

In cases, like this one, where there is a question about whether a worker is entitled to workers' compensation benefits, a legal battle may ensue. Workers need to make sure they understand their rights to workers' compensation and all the steps they need to take in order to exercise those rights.

Source: Business Insurance, "Cook bitten by co-worker's dog while on smoke break qualifies for comp," Sheena Harrison, Nov. 11, 2014

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