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Don't let expenses from workplace accidents cost you money

This blog has, on many occasions, explained the risks of workplace injuries that Pennsylvania workers face. On any given occasion, workers can suffer serious injuries on the job. These injuries can include back and neck injuries, amputation or traumatic brain injury. These injuries can also be caused by long term exposure to dangerous conditions and including repetitive stress injuries, damage to soft tissue or heart attack.

In these cases, Pennsylvania workers often need to seek medical treatment. With a doctor's help, people can start to heal and recover from workplace injuries, illnesses and accidents. But, as most people know, this treatment is not free. Healthcare costs are on the rise and even simple injuries can lead to large medical bills.

Pennsylvania workers should understand that when medical bills are incurred for the treatment of on the job injuries, they may be eligible for workers' compensation. Our firm has the experience necessary to help people understand these rights and how to apply for them.

For more than 20 years, our law firm has worked with injured workers to make sure their needs are met. Our diligent staff can help to explain the steps that must be taken to file for workers' compensation or to appeal a denial of benefits.

In addition to medical expenses, injured workers are also eligible payments to cover lost wages, rehabilitation costs and other expenses caused by the workplace accident. People should not wait to file for these benefits. Instead, quick action with the right help can ensure that people do not suffer financial harm as a result of an accident.

For more information on how we can help those injured on the job, please see our workers' compensation webpage.

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