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How do you keep safe following a car accident in a hybrid?

Car accidents are not uncommon in Pennsylvania, but they are not everyday occurrences for most people. And following an accident it is important that people know how to react. In particular, people need to know what they need to do to keep safe following an accident. This can help reduce the possibilities of further injuries or property damage.

New technology, like battery powered cars and hybrids can complicated a car accident. Many people may not know how to react if an accident happens to them while in one of these new cars. Many may be left wondering -- how can I keep safe following a car accident while in a hybrid?

There are several important things that people should remember to do following a car accident in a hybrid electric vehicle. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, many of the same safety rules that apply with gas-powered cars apply to hybrids. However, there are some differences.

In particular, people should make sure to open windows of the car before shutting an electric car off. People should also move the keys to the car at least 16 feet away from the car, if at all possible. When talking with emergency services, the NHTSA says, to make sure to inform them that a hybrid electric vehicle was involved in the incident. People should also avoid any contact with fluid coming from car.

People should never touch any exposed electrical equipment. In case of fire, people should not inhale any fumes and should move away from the car. If flooding occurs, people should avoid any contact with the car. Following an accident, people should not store a damaged car inside or within 50 feet of any structure. Additionally, steps should be taken to secure the battery following the accident.

Car accidents can be scary for any one, in any type of car. While a hybrid can add complications, an attorney may be able to help. While this blog post cannot answer specific legal questions, an attorney can help people understand all their rights.

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