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Trucks in Pennsylvania need proper maintenance

Large trucks can often be seen traveling throughout Pennsylvania. While many people may realize that these tractor trailers are dangerous, many may not realize just how dangerous they can be -- especially when they are not maintained. If these large trucks cause collisions, truck drivers and others on the roadways can be seriously hurt, or even killed.

In order to minimize the risk of an accident caused by a poorly maintained truck, the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles has set standards for how these large trucks must be maintained. In general, the truck and its chassis, body, brakes, electrical system and tires need to be in safe operating condition when operated on a Pennsylvania highway.

Additionally, these regulations outline specific requirements for each part of the truck. For example, these large trucks must be equipped with a service brake system, and cannot include an inertia or surge type system. A breakaway system is also required if a trailer weighs more than 3,000 pounds. Trucks are also required to have a complete electrical and lighting system including hazard warnings, turn signals, and stop lamps. Trailers also need to have specific types of light.

The vehicle frame must be solid under these regulations and the truck body cannot include any protruding objects. Tires must conform to certain standards and the vehicles must be made available for inspection.

These rules have been enacted to help keep people safe. If a truck accident occurs, victims may want to inquire about the maintenance of the truck. If the truck was not in good working order the truck driver, then the truck company or both could be liable for damages caused by negligent truck maintenance. An attorney can help to explain when these parties may be liable following a truck accident.

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