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Whiteout causes pileup in Walker Township

While in the midst of a difficult winter, it can be easy for people to forget that winter weather requires special preparation. It is not just an everyday inconvenience that can be taken lightly. This is especially true when it comes to winter driving. With ice, snow and wind, conditions on Pennsylvania roadways can easily become treacherous. Drivers need to be aware of the road conditions, quiet any distractions, slow down and be prepared for anything when winter driving season hits.

However, many drivers fail to recognize the dangers of winter driving. This can lead to major car accidents -- like the one seen recently in Walker Township. According to reports, white out conditions -- known as a snow squall -- caused a serious accident on Interstate 80 between Milesburg and Lock Haven.

In the dangerous conditions, cars and large commercial vehicles lost control. Witnesses say the conditions were pure whiteout, like one would see on television. They also claim that the roads were very slippery. Authorities say that 26 vehicles were involved in a chain reaction accident that completely shut down the eastbound lanes of the highway for two hours. While it is not clear how the chain reaction started, police have said that in a three-mile stretch of the road, 11 separate collisions occurred.

Following the accident, several people involved were sent to local hospitals with injuries. When people are injured in a car accident -- like this one -- it is important for those people to understand their legal rights. If a negligent driver, like one that was traveling too fast for conditions, caused the accident, that person can be held financially responsible for the damage.

However, an investigation is often necessary to gather evidence of negligence. This accident investigation can be particularly complicated when multiple cars are involved. Car accident reconstruction experts may need to be used to prove negligence and to help accident victims get the compensation they need.

Source: Centre Daily Times, "Interstate 80 open after multivehicle crash," Feb. 12, 2015

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