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How should you prepare your car for winter?

While March typically brings spring-like weather, this year's long and taxing winter has left many Pennsylvanians wondering when spring will arrive. It has also left many people unprepared for driving in the harsh winter weather conditions. As we mentioned in a previous blog post, it is important for you to take steps to prepare for winter driving in order to avoid an accident. In that blog post, cautious driving was stressed as a way to avoid car accidents on slippery snow-covered roads.

However, cautious driving is not the only way to prepare for winter driving conditions. People should also prepare their car for winter. Many may wonder -- how should you prepare your car for winter driving conditions?

According to a government preparedness site, there are many things that you can do to ensure that you are ready for adverse weather conditions. These simple checks and changes to your car and help to avoid or prevent an accident on wintery roads. In many cases, these steps include ensuring that the car, and its parts, are in good working order. For example, experts suggest making sure the heater, lights, defroster and thermostat on your car are all in good working order.

People should also check their brakes to make sure they are in good conditions. Brake fluid levels should also be checked before winter driving. You should also make sure your antifreeze levels are sufficient and keep the fuel tank full to avoid freezing. Oil levels and wiper fluid should also be noted before winter driving.

You should also rule out any issues with the car's battery, exhaust system or ignition system before traveling in the winter. Winter tires can also help you avoid an accident. These checks may need to be performed by a mechanic.

While the information in this post is meant as information, legal issues can arise as a result of winter driving. People should consult with an attorney if an accident has led to injuries.

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