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Slip and fall accidents are real and dangerous

Most Pennsylvanians don't give a lot of thought to slip and fall accidents in their daily lives. This kind of accident is a staple of slapstick comedy, and when people experience such an accident, most of the time it's cause for no more than a slight injury and some embarrassment. However, more often than most people thing, a slip and fall accident can be much worse. It can lead to a serious situation that requires medical treatment. Sometimes it requires legal attention.

In particular, slip and fall accidents are often the product of a negligent situation. They are caused when property owners have failed to take some action to prevent a foreseeable accident. This could include a failure to remove snow and ice from a parking lot or sidewalk, a failure to clean up spilled liquids or even damaged carpet that causes someone to trip. Whatever the case may be, these accidents can serious injuries on public and private property. When these injuries occur, financial consequences often follow. People may have medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages and more. Additionally, some injuries can keep people from participating in things that they once enjoyed or result in a chronic medical condition. While insurance might cover some of these costs, accident victims can be stuck paying the rest.

In these situation a premises liability suit may be necessary. Through a lawsuit, slip and fall accident victims can sometimes get compensated for their injuries. With the help of a competent attorney, this recovery can sometimes help people avoid financial challenges.

For more information about how our firm can help people who have been injured in a slip and fall accident, please see our slip and fall webpage.

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