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Incident in Pennsylvania mine injures 3

Traditionally mining of any kind has been seen as a dangerous occupation. A number of serious accidents can happen in a mine that lead to serious or fatal injuries. Additionally, in some cases mines can cause serious occupational disease or permanent long term illness. In order to reduce the risk of these workplace injuries, mines have strict safety rules that must be respected. However, even in the safest of conditions, serious injuries can occur.

Recently, three workers were injured in a Pennsylvania mine. The workers are employed in a limestone mine. While officials are unsure what exactly happened to the three workers, they are speculating that a sudden rush of air caused the injuries. Officials believe that a shift in the ground, and possibly some sort of collapse -- likely caused the sudden rush of air.

The workplace accident occurred around 5:00 a.m. and the three workers were the only people present in the mine. They were found about 50 feet from the entrance of the mine. Officials speculate that the rush of air was so strong that they were knocked over. They may also have been hit with some sort of debris. In the accident, two men were knocked unconscious and had to be flown to the hospital. The third worker was taken to a closer hospital via an ambulance.

Officials from the Mine Safety and Health Administration and from the mine are investigating the accident to try to determine what happened. No matter how a workplace accident occurs, however, workers have legal rights. Workers are not financially responsible for the damage done in a workplace accident. Instead, they are often eligible for workers' compensation to cover the costs of the incident.

Source: Lancaster Online, "3 workers injured by ground shifting at Pennsylvania quarry," April 29, 2015

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