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Who is most likely to be a victim of a swimming pool accident?

As Pennsylvania approaches the so-called dog days of summer, many people may be seeking refuge from the heat in a swimming pool. While recreational swimming can be a fun pastime for people of all ages, it does not come without risk. Swimming can be dangerous for a variety of people if the proper precautions are not taken. As the weather gets warmer, many Pennsylvania residents may wonder who is most at risk of a swimming pool accident?

Motorcyclists' rights under Pennsylvania law

In popular culture, motorcyclists are sometimes portrayed as law-breaking, thrill seeking individuals. They are often seen racing down the highway as part of large and unrealistic biker gangs. However, the reality is that motorcyclists are often like any other drivers in Pennsylvania. They are just trying to get from one place to another as safely as possible.

Motorcycle event brings bikes to Pennsylvania

The summer tends to bring motorcycles to the roadways in Pennsylvania. The warmer, sunny weather makes riding more pleasurable and safe. In fact, a huge motorcycle rally is about to take place within the state. The so-called "Roar on the Shore" will begin in Erie, Pennsylvania on July 15. The large motorcycling event brings more than 100,000 motorcyclists into the area. People from all across the state will be traveling to join in the festivities.

Can motorcyclists protect themselves from injuries?

Under the right conditions, a motorcycle can be a fun and exciting way to see the state of Pennsylvania. However, they can also be extremely dangerous. A negligent driver can easily cause a motorcycle accident that results in serious injuries or death. Unlike passenger vehicles, motorcycles do not have many of the important safety features that help to keep people safe. Without safety glass, seat belts, a steel driver's compartment or airbags, motorcyclists are left extremely vulnerable.

When you or your children are injured in an accident, take action

In previous posts on this blog, we have discussed the importance of several safety features found in cars. For adults and older adolescents, there are seat belts to help keep them safe. For babies and younger children, there are car seats. In both cases, Pennsylvania law requires that these safety devices be used to prevent injuries in the case of a car accident.

Commonwealth v. Candice Steinbacher – Motion for Judgement Acquittal Granted

Motion for Judgment of Acquittal for a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) prosecution was granted by Lycoming County President Judge Nancy L. Butts, after Attorney Kyle Rude argues that the Commonwealth could not prove Ms. Steinbacher was in actual physical control of a motor vehicle. Ms. Steinbacher was arrested after Williamsport City Police believed she switched seats with her boyfriend in order to avoid an arrest for DUI.

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