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Can motorcyclists protect themselves from injuries?

Under the right conditions, a motorcycle can be a fun and exciting way to see the state of Pennsylvania. However, they can also be extremely dangerous. A negligent driver can easily cause a motorcycle accident that results in serious injuries or death. Unlike passenger vehicles, motorcycles do not have many of the important safety features that help to keep people safe. Without safety glass, seat belts, a steel driver's compartment or airbags, motorcyclists are left extremely vulnerable.

Many motorcyclists may read this and ask: is there a way you can protect yourself in case of a motorcycle accident? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are proactive steps that motorcyclists can take to keep themselves as safe as possible. In addition to obtaining the correct training and driving defensively, motorcyclists can use the right gear.

Through the use of this gear, people can reduce the risk of serious injuries should a crash occur. The NHTSA has identified several important safety items to help reduce injuries. The first is a helmet. With the right helmet, people can help to avoid head injuries. Also, they are often required under state laws.

The right footwear can also help to prevent injuries. The NHTSA recommends leather boots. These can help to prevent road rash and crush injuries. Leather gloves are also recommended. These can help give people the proper grip on the bike. They also work to prevent injuries in an accident.

Wearing a jacket and pants are also recommended when riding a motorcycle. However, people should make sure their clothes are not too baggy, so as to prevent entanglement. They should also be made of durable materials to help protect a person's skin in an accident.

Finally, eye protection is also important. Glasses or goggles can help to protect a person's eyesight even if the motorcycle has a windshield. While these steps are important, one should also be ready to protect one's legal rights if an accident with injuries occurs.

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