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Motorcycle event brings bikes to Pennsylvania

The summer tends to bring motorcycles to the roadways in Pennsylvania. The warmer, sunny weather makes riding more pleasurable and safe. In fact, a huge motorcycle rally is about to take place within the state. The so-called "Roar on the Shore" will begin in Erie, Pennsylvania on July 15. The large motorcycling event brings more than 100,000 motorcyclists into the area. People from all across the state will be traveling to join in the festivities.

While rallies and events like "Roar on the Shore" are popular and fun, they can also lead to serious accidents and injuries for the people involved. According to reports, this particular event often leads to motorcycle accidents. In many cases, these accidents result in injuries. Fatalities have even occurred.

In order to try and reduce the number of accidents that occur at this year's event, community members and law enforcement officials recently met to discuss safety concerns. Motorcyclists were cautioned to drive staggered instead of side-by-side to reduce the chance of accidents. They were also encouraged to wear the proper safety gear, including a helmet, pants and long sleeves, and to avoid driving in adverse weather conditions.

However, it was also acknowledged that motorcyclists often do not cause these accidents. According to officials, in fact, in 75 percent of accidents that cause injuries to motorcyclists involving two or more vehicles, the motorcyclist is not at fault. Officials warned drivers to look twice for motorcyclists and asked motorcyclists to drive defensively around vehicles.

Safety precautions will only go so far to protect people against accidents. Distracted drivers and other reckless behavior can still cause serious injuries in a matter of seconds. Motorcyclists should understand their legal rights when injured in a crash.

Source: JET 24, "Biker Community Talks Safety Ahead of "Roar on the Shore"," June 29, 2015

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