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Do nail salon workers face health hazards at work?

Many Pennsylvania residents enjoy a spa treatment from time to time. While these people go to nail salons and spas to relax, they should know that people working in these industries often put their own health on the line to make it an enjoyable experience for clients.

Car accidents often require expert help

Not all Pennsylvania residents have to deal with the aftermath of a car accident every day, thankfully. If a person is lucky, they will never have to experience one. But, in all likelihood, people will have to deal with at least one car accident in their lifetime. Therefore, understanding how to respond to an accident can be important for all Pennsylvania residents.

Why is drowsy driving dangerous?

Many drivers on Pennsylvania roadways are busy and stressed, making it difficult for them to focus on one task at a time. For commercial truck drivers, they have the added pressure of needing to make a living while on the roadway. While many drivers are cautious, others bend the rules in order to get everything in their busy lives done. For some, this means skipping sleep in order to spend more time on the roadways, resulting in driver fatigue.

Commonwealth v. Candice Steinbacher – Motion for Judgement Acquittal Granted

Motion for Judgment of Acquittal for a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) prosecution was granted by Lycoming County President Judge Nancy L. Butts, after Attorney Kyle Rude argues that the Commonwealth could not prove Ms. Steinbacher was in actual physical control of a motor vehicle. Ms. Steinbacher was arrested after Williamsport City Police believed she switched seats with her boyfriend in order to avoid an arrest for DUI.

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