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Do nail salon workers face health hazards at work?

Many Pennsylvania residents enjoy a spa treatment from time to time. While these people go to nail salons and spas to relax, they should know that people working in these industries often put their own health on the line to make it an enjoyable experience for clients.

Nail salons workers and other beauty professionals often face unsafe working conditions that can lead to serious injuries. Workers need to be aware of these hazards in order to try and avoid harm. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, the hazards that many of these workers face include biological hazards, repetitive stress injuries and chemical exposure.

The chemical hazards are created by the chemicals that are used on people's nails. Everything from nail polish to removers and disinfectants can be hazardous. Many give off strong odors that can cause injuries if they are inhaled. Others can cause issues if people come in direct contact with them. Workers need to take special measures, such as wearing protective respiratory masks, to ensure that they are not exposed to such fumes.

Biological hazards are closely related to chemical hazards. These are the dangerous that are created by coming in contact with other people's germs. In these cases, workers can suffer from serious infections including HIV, hepatitis and other bacteria if exposed to someone's bodily fluids. When working in a salon, workers need to take care not to touch other people's bodily fluids or blood. This can be achieved with proper handwashing, disinfecting and by wearing gloves.

Finally, workers can suffer from repetitive stress injuries. If workers are hunched over at a station for too long, they can develop various aches and pains. However, with proper posture, breaks and stretching, these injuries can often be avoided.

Workers in any field can be seriously injured at work. When this happens, an attorney can help to explain a person's legal rights.

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