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The danger of exotic animals in Pennsylvania

Many Pennsylvania residents have pets, and these animals become valuable members of these people's families. People don't often recognize that their pets can become a danger to those around them. Instead, people see their pets as loving, affectionate and perfectly safe. While this is often true for people who choose to have pets like cats or dogs, this is not always the case for people who choose to keep exotic animals as pets.

Workers' compensation is essential to Pennsylvania employees

When a Pennsylvania worker is injured on the job, it can come as a major surprise. Workers may not know exactly how to react when a workplace injury or accident occurs. Also, they might not expect the expenses that come along with it. From the moment that a person is injured at work, these expenses can begin to add up. From an ambulance ride to medical treatment and rehabilitation, the actual costs of the accident will quickly grow.

Can a premises liability suit be brought against a school?

Thousands of kids across the state of Pennsylvania are in the full swing of school. The first day jitters are a thing of the past and everyone is settling into the school year. As children and parents become more comfortable at school, they may think it is okay to let their guard down a bit. Parents may check in with the classroom less, and children may start to take more risks. However, no matter what time of year it is, accidents can happen.

Personal injury suits for workplace injuries

Many employers take all sorts of precautions in an attempt to protect employees from harm. Some of these precautions are mandated by state and federal workplace safety agencies -- like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration -- while others are just common sense. Despite these precautions, however, workplace accidents still continue to occur in Pennsylvania. Many workers are injured each year because something goes wrong at work.

Worker killed in lawn mowing accident in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania summer is coming to an end, yet there is much lawn work to be done. While many are preparing their homes for fall and winter, workers are also busy making sure everything has been taken care of. Lawn care often involves the use of heavy equipment which can be dangerous for homeowners and workers alike.

Commonwealth v. Candice Steinbacher – Motion for Judgement Acquittal Granted

Motion for Judgment of Acquittal for a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) prosecution was granted by Lycoming County President Judge Nancy L. Butts, after Attorney Kyle Rude argues that the Commonwealth could not prove Ms. Steinbacher was in actual physical control of a motor vehicle. Ms. Steinbacher was arrested after Williamsport City Police believed she switched seats with her boyfriend in order to avoid an arrest for DUI.

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