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Worker killed in lawn mowing accident in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania summer is coming to an end, yet there is much lawn work to be done. While many are preparing their homes for fall and winter, workers are also busy making sure everything has been taken care of. Lawn care often involves the use of heavy equipment which can be dangerous for homeowners and workers alike.

Recently, a worker was even killed while mowing. According to reports, the 58-year-old man lived and worked on the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire grounds in Rapho Township. While mowing the grounds, the man apparently suffered some sort of accident. He was eventually run over and killed by the mower he was using. He was found up to two hours after the workplace accident occurred and pronounced dead on the scene.

Police are still trying to determine exactly what happen in the case. At this point it is unclear if he feel from the mower or had gotten off of it on purpose. An autopsy has been performed which confirmed the man did not have a heart attack prior to the incident. It did, however, show that the man died of multiple traumatic injuries.

A workplace accident always has the potential to be tragic. Most workers and their families never expect that a serious accident will take them away from their jobs, let alone lead to fatal injuries. The financial consequences of serious and fatal workplace accidents can be severe as well. Workers and their families may suffer lost wages, large medical expenses, funeral costs and more as a result of the worker's injuries.

Workplace accidents can be caused by a number of things -- from unsafe working conditions to OSHA violations. Workers in these cases should be aware of workers' compensation benefits available to ease the financial burden placed on them.

Source: Lancaster Online, "Mower ran over, killed 58-year-old on Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire property," Ryan Robinson, Sept. 18, 2015

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