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Workers' compensation is essential to Pennsylvania employees

When a Pennsylvania worker is injured on the job, it can come as a major surprise. Workers may not know exactly how to react when a workplace injury or accident occurs. Also, they might not expect the expenses that come along with it. From the moment that a person is injured at work, these expenses can begin to add up. From an ambulance ride to medical treatment and rehabilitation, the actual costs of the accident will quickly grow.

In addition to medical treatment, many workers will experience lost wages as a result of a workplace accident. This is because workers were often need to take days off of work in order to seek medical attention or to recover from an accident. These lost wages can exacerbate a person's financial situation following a workplace injury.

In some situations, workers may be out of work for long periods of time. It is even possible for a worker to be out indefinitely following a workplace accident. It is not uncommon for workplace injury to result in temporary or permanent disability to Pennsylvania workers.

These workers should, however, understand that workers' compensation benefits may be available to them. Under Pennsylvania law, workers can receive workers' compensation in as little as eight days following the accident. These benefits can help pay for the expenses caused by the accident and compensate workers for any lost wages they have suffered.

It is not often easy to get these benefits, however. An experienced attorney may be able to shed some light on one's particular circumstances, however. The attorneys at Schemery Zicolello have been working for many years in order to try to ensure that Pennsylvania workers receive the compensation they deserve following a workplace injury. Our compassionate attorneys know how important these benefits are to injured workers. We have helped people understand the process from the beginning through its end. For more information about worker's compensation claims in Pennsylvania, please see our website.

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