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How can you prevent a back-over car accident?

When a person is around a car, there's always the risk of injury. While people think cars are just normal personal property, they are really dangerous heavy machinery. With the simplest of mistakes, an accident can occur that can cause a serious injury or death to those in or around the vehicle.

In a recent blog post, this blog highlighted of the story of a motorcyclist that was hit by a car that was backing out of a driveway. The risk of a back-over accident is not limited to motorcyclists. In fact, car accidents involving drivers who are backing up often involve pedestrians.

Children, in particular, are at risk for serious injuries from a car accident involving a driver who is backing up. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has several tips to help prevent these types of serious car accidents.

First, children should be taught to stay far away from any car that is moving, or a car with a driver inside. Additionally, children should be taught to move away from a car as it is being started. Parents who are watching small children should make sure to carefully supervise them when around any vehicle.

Drivers also have a responsibility in preventing these types of accidents. The driver should always walk around a car prior to backing up. Additionally, drivers should make sure to watch behind their cars as they pull out of a space. As drivers are backing up, they should also move extremely slowly in order to be able to stop in case a child dashes behind the car.

In many situations, drivers may not act carefully as they are backing out. This can cause serious injuries to pedestrians in the area, or damage to other vehicles. In these cases, accident victims may have legal rights. An attorney may be able to help to explain a person's specific legal rights following a car accident.

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