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Moving a child out of a booster seat in a car

Most Pennsylvania parents want to do everything they can to keep the child safe from harm. While this can be an easy task in some situations, it can be more difficult when in the car. Drivers sometimes have very little control over preventing accidents. In many cases, a negligent driver is responsible for causing an accident.

In a car accident, people can suffer serious injuries. Thankfully, most cars are equipped with safety devices to help minimize the risk of injuries in an accident. However, children are not able to take advantage of these safety devices the same way that adults are. For example, many children are too little to properly use a seat belt. Therefore, children need to use appropriate restraint systems to keep them safe.

It can be difficult for Pennsylvania parents to know when it is alright for them to move their child into and out of a booster seat. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are several signs that Pennsylvania parents should look for when determining whether or not a child should be moved out of a booster seat.

First, a child must be able to properly use a seatbelt. In order to do this, a child must be able to sit in a car's seat without slouching. Children must also be able bend their knees and keep their feet flat on the car's floor.

Second, the seatbelt must fit the child appropriately. This means that the lap portion of the seatbelt sits across the child lap, not the child stomach. Additionally, the shoulder belt must fit snug against the shoulder and chest. If the shoulder belt is across a child's face or neck, then the child is not ready to move out of a booster.

No matter what safety devices are being used, a child can be injured in a car accident. When a child is injured by negligent driver, he or she may be entitled to damages. With the possible help of an attorney, car accident victims can get the compensation they need to move forward from an accident.

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