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Do truck drivers need to report accidents in Pennsylvania?

Commercial trucks travel through Pennsylvania on a daily basis. These trucks are responsible for carrying a variety of types of items through the state. Without these trucks, many Pennsylvanians would not have access to important consumer goods. However, these trucks come at a cost.

Truck accidents are quite common, and can be very serious. In particular, when negligent truck drivers get behind the wheel, serious injuries can occur.

When truck accidents occur in Pennsylvania, truck drivers are under an obligation to report them. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (DOT), commercial motor vehicle drivers must report accidents much like drivers of passenger vehicles. If a commercial vehicle is caring hazardous materials, then additional reporting requirements adhere.

Under Pennsylvania law, truck drivers are responsible for stopping their vehicles as close to the scene of accidents as possible. A commercial truck driver is also responsible for rendering aid to anyone who has been injured in the accident. Following a crash, truck drivers must also exchange their information with any other parties that were involved in the accidents. This can include their names, addresses, driver's license numbers, insurance information and more. In certain situations, a truck driver may also be under the obligation to notify a police officer following the accident.

If police are involved in the investigation of a truck accident, the police officer will file a report with the DOT. If the police are not involved in the investigation, then the truck driver must report the accident to the DOT within five days.

Reporting an accident is just one of the many steps that need to be taken following a truck accident. Those injured in truck accidents may have other legal requirements and obligations that need to be filled. Victims may also be entitled to compensation. By speaking with an attorney, people may be able to get specific legal advice about their rights and obligations.

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