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Beware of these common workplace accidents

When you go to work each day, you most likely expect to meet with some sort of challenge throughout the course of your duties. After all, every work day can't be perfect. You're probably like thousands of other Pennsylvania workers who have some good days, some bad, and some you'd rather forget altogether.

Even though you know a workplace utopia doesn't exist, you at least have the right to reasonably assume that when you show up for work and carry out your assignments that your work environment will be relatively safe, meaning your employer has taken all necessary steps to keep it so.

Not every work area is safe

Unless you work in an industry considered inherently dangerous (such as construction or fire and rescue) you shouldn't have to live in fear that you will suffer severe injury on the job because of an accident.

Throughout the nation, the following workplace accidents may place you at most risk:

  • Objects that fall on top of you while working: If your employer has not seen to it that your work environment is free of hazards and debris, this type of accident may pose a danger to you and your co-workers.
  • Tripping without falling: Otherwise known as, "reaction injuries," this type of accident occurs if you trip over something without actually falling to the ground, but suffer a twisted limb, back, neck or similar injury because of the jarring your body sustained when you tripped.
  • Machine mishaps: Getting your finger, limb or whole body entangled in a piece of machinery may cause you to suffer permanently disabling injuries.
  • Motor vehicle collisions: If you drive as part of your employment duties, you never know when a crash will occur. Even if you act with caution behind the wheel, it doesn't mean all other drivers will.
  • Slipping and falling: If you slip on a wet floor or trip over debris that should have been removed, you might suffer severe injuries, such as a badly sprained ankle, a broken bone, or head injury.

These are but a few of the most common workplace accidents in the nation. If you get hurt at work, it may take time to recover. This could cause you to miss many days of work, which in turn might cause you to suffer financial hardship.

The purpose of workers' compensation

By law, any employer you have in Pennsylvania or another state is typically required to purchase insurance to provide benefits to you and any worker who may be injured on the job. Your medical bills may be paid through monies received from workers' compensation benefits. Your benefits can also help you replace lost wages and provide for your family while you are recovering from your injuries.

You might be one of the many workers in the state who filed a claim for benefits only to have your employer or an insurance agency attempt to deny it. If this is the case, you might want to retain outside help to rectify the situation.

A workers' compensation attorney possesses a clear understanding of the complex laws that govern such matters and can act on your behalf to question why your claim was denied and fight for your rights so that you can get the care you need to obtain as full a recovery as possible.

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